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​​​What Is Shop Insurance?

A shop insurance policy is the type of insurance policy that provides financial aid to a shop owner in case theft, manmade disaster, natural calamity, etc. It is a legal contract between the insurer and policyholder and the insurer reimburse the amount for any incident that resulted into loss or damage.

​​​Why is Shop Insurance Required?

Small to medium-sized shopkeepers work in day to day profit that means they do not have much margin in their business. Therefore, it may become difficult for them to handle situations involving burglary, fire, etc. in their shop and its contents. Therefore, to safeguard a shopkeeper against various risks related to the shop and its contents, a shop insurance policy came into the picture.

A shopkeeper insurance policy shields a small/ medium-sized shopkeeper from any perils that he may face. It protects the property and the business interests of the shop owner. It also offers coverage of a standard fire & special perils policy that includes any loss to the building from earthquake risk.

Shop insurance plans offer protection to the insured against financial crisis in case of some accident in his/her shop or any other related incident.

Who Needs a Shop Insurance Policy?

Many people are not sure whether they need a shopkeepers insurance policy to protect their shop or not. To give you some clarity, here is a list of different kinds of people who must buy shop insurance plans:

Independent Shopkeepers

People who run a shop as their primary source of income should get it insured under the shop insurance plans. This is because any unforeseen loss or damage to the shop will directly affect their livelihood and thus, they need to stay prepared for any adverse circumstances.

Family Business Owners

If you run or operate a shop, which is owned by you or your family, and sell products such as clothes, footwear, furniture, stationery, etc. should get themselves as a shopkeepers insurance policy.

Shopkeepers with Shops in Prime Areas

In case you own a shop at one of the prime locations or markets in the city, then you should definitely need insurance to protect your shop. This is important because prime locations are more prone to risks than other areas.

High-Risk Businesses

Certain kinds of shops or businesses are more prone to risks or dangers. For example, a CNG fuel station is more susceptible to fire than a stationery shop. Similarly, an electronic shop is more likely to get robbed than a footwear shop. Therefore, it is important for people running high-risk businesses to own a shopkeeper insurance plan to stay covered against any eventuality.

Multiple Shop Owners

Shop insurance plans are not only meant for people who own one shop but also for people who own multiple shops. The probability of facing an emergency increases with more number of shops. Thus, multiple shop owners should make sure to buy a policy for each of their shops.

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