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​​​What is Corona virus Health Insurance?

Coronavirus Health Insurance refers to an insurance policy that covers the medical expenses incurred on the treatment of COVID-19. A coronavirus health insurance policy is designed to cover the hospitalization expenses of the policyholder, irrespective of the disease that he has been diagnosed with (unless it is a critical illness that is not covered). Almost all the health insurance plans cover hospitalization expenses incurred on the treatment of viral infections. Since Coronavirus is a viral infection, a comprehensive health insurance policy pays off pre & post hospitalization expenses including in-patient and out-patient expenses, incurred on the treatment of COVID-19 and its variants, including omicron.

Health insurance for coronavirus cover will be available from the day the insured gets diagnosed with the disease. This is because COVID-19 is a new disease and therefore, does not come under the category of pre-existing illness.

​​​Types of Coronavirus Health Insurance in India

If you are looking for a specific health insurance cover for coronavirus (COVID-19) then you can consider standard health insurance policy that cover all medical expenses incurred during the treatment of COVID-19. These are two standard products that have been recently launched as per the IRDAI guidelines. And the policy terms remain the same across all the health and general insurance companies in India. Checkout out both COVID-19 health insurance plans types along with the policy benefits:

Corona Kavach Policy : COVID-19 Insurance Policy

Corona Kavach Policy is a standard coronavirus health insurance policy that covers hospitalization expenses, home care treatment cost, ambulance charges, cost of PPE kits, medicines, gloves, masks, doctor fees, ICU charges incurred during the treatment of COVID-19 pandemic. The sum insured amount starts from Rs 50,000 and goes up to Rs 5 Lakh. You can get your family covered under this plan that also pays for Ayush treatment in India.

Corona Rakshak Policy : COVID-19 Insurance Plan

Corona Rakshak Policy is also a COVID-19 specific health insurance policy that pays for hospitalization of a minimum of 72 hours and more as required for COVID-19 treatment in India. The policy covers expenses incurred towards PPE’s, nebulizers, masks, oxygen cylinders, gloves, oximeters, AYUSH treatment, etc. that are limited under a regular medical insurance policy. This COVID-19 insurance policy is available to individuals between the age group of 18-65 years on an individual sum insured basis that ranges from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 5 Lakh. Applicants with co-morbidity can also get insured paying an additional premium.

Coronavirus Group Health Insurance

If you are covered under a group health insurance policy, then you need to check with your insurer if it covers coronavirus treatment expenses. However, if your group health insurance policy is either Corona Rakshak or corona Kavach then you are surely covered for the COVID-19 hospitalization in India.

​​​Is Coronavirus Covered Under Your Existing Health Insurance Policy?

Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 may be a newly discovered disease but all existing health insurance policies will provide coronavirus health insurance cover. This means that if you purchased a health insurance policy before testing positive for the coronavirus disease, any medical expenses incurred on its treatment will be covered under it (provided you don’t get diagnosed during the initial waiting period). You can avail coverage for coronavirus under your existing health insurance policy irrespective of the variants i.e. omicron or delta variant.

Since the coronavirus is not a pre-existing ailment, it will be covered as part of the basic hospitalization expenses under a health insurance plan that includes in-patient hospitalization expenses, ICU charges and diagnostic test charges amongst others.

However, if you don’t already have a health insurance policy and decide to buy one after testing positive for COVID-19, then coronavirus treatment expenses will not be covered under the policy.

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